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Facilitating Change

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Russell & Dawson

Russell & Dawson is a partnership between Erica Russell and Solène Dawson, set up after many years of informal collaboration.

Working with a diverse range of stakeholders - from community groups and businesses to local authorities and policy makers - we pride ourselves on taking complex sustainability issues, such as net zero carbon, and make it workable for you.  

With reputations for the highest standards of professionalism, proficiency, and knowledge in our respective fields, we make a great team. We want to support your organisation as it looks to mitigate its emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. We draw on the latest climate thinking and sensibly apply this to carbon reduction plans, procurement and supply chain approaches, identifying and developing growth opportunities and strategic planning.

We are passionate about working with, and inspiring communities to recognise their net zero opportunities.

We take a complex subject and bring it to a local and practical level. We want to help you manage this CHANGE.

Russell & Dawson climate change consultants



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